Who Do I Think I Am?

written by Jeff

jeff_haircutMy name is Jeff Balke and I blog.

“Hi, Jeff!”

If this were the 12 Steps, I’d probably be on step 4. I seem to constantly be in a state of observation and analysis both of myself and the world around me. The end result is ceaseless ramblings for which the internet seems perfectly designed.

My day job is as the CEO of the web development company Two Roads Media. My second job is as a photographer, something I’ve done since the age of 12. My third pseudo profession is a blogger here, with the Houston Press and on Chron.com, where I write a music industry blog called Broken Record.

My life’s passion is music. Sometimes it pays. Mostly it doesn’t. But, it makes little difference.

I write about all of these and other things that I find ironic, irritating, interesting or odd.

My mind is a repository for endless movie quotes, worthless pop cultural trivia and song lyrics. If you live in Houston, I probably know you or know someone you know. It’s because my interests are so diverse not because I’m well known or even particularly interesting.

I was born and raised in Houston and I am unapologetic about its failings. I love travel, have a soft spot for animals and people in need and watch way too much tv. Yay me!

What’s with the title?

As I mentioned, I am a junkie for quotes, particularly funny one’s. “So much for the monastery” is from the movie Stripes and this exchange:

Winger: I gotta dry out or I’ll be dead before I’m thirty. The Army’s my only chance.
Ziske: You could always join a monastery.
Winger: You ever see a monk get wildly f***ed by some teenage girls.
Ziske: Never.
Winger: So much for the monastery.

This is not a commentary on how I feel about monks or teenage girls. I just think it is funny.